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About Sandy Burr Country Club

About The Course

Dating back over 100 years, Sandy Burr Country Club has a long history rich in tradition and heritage. It was back in the summer of 1921 when the idea first came to "Gus" White of organizing the club, and after four months seeking a site, the present location was chosen. The golf club area was formerly two farms, the Dwight farm of 59 acres, and the Beebe farm of 123 acres, a total of 182 acres, with three homesteads on them and several farms.

The first nine holes were completed on June 26, 1923, and the second nine holes were finished in the spring of 1924. In 1922, Sandy Burr Country Club was accepted as a championship venue by the Massachusetts Golf Association.


The course is located in Wayland, MA, at 103 Cochituate Rd.

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